Events - 2nd Walking tour - February 17th , 2007

On Saturday 17th February our association organised its second special walking tour. News of the success of the first tour had spread, resulting in almost 150 visitors being welcomed. The weather was excellent and this resulted in a beautiful and full day.

Starting at the Hummelshain Castle we learnt the early history of this location, when the castle was used as a company hospital by the "REIMAHG", with Ms. Dölle comprehensively explaining to those present the later history of the castle.
Leaving Hummelshain, we went to the Leubengrund Valley where from April 1944 until April 1945 four camps for foreign and forced labourers were situated.
After gathering these impressions, we continued to the Kahla city museum. A full explanation of the general history of the former aircraft factory was given to the visitors, which was complimented with a well illustrated exhibition and model of the former factory.
Lunch was organised at the Grosseutersdorfer "Saloon" by Frank and Sabine, after which the hikers continued on their way around the Walpersberg Mountain to visit the remains of the numerous exterior buildings. Many people in the group were impressed by the story of the punishment camp number "0" in the Dehnatal Valley.

Following the former connection road at the Southern slope of the mountain, we returned precisely at 5 pm to the start point.
There was intense interest shown by this large group, and a great many people wanted to know more about the former factory, which led to a great many questions, all of which were accurately answered.
It was an unforgettable day for those present, and many visitors will now keep the history of the mountain in their minds.

I would like to thank the numerous visitors, young and old, for their participation and their interest. Also a big thank you to Gunter, Wilfried, Hartmut, J√ľrgen and Reinhard for the flawless support, thus adding to the success of the day. Not forgetting Ms. Karin D√∂lle, and Ms. Doris Kuschke, Director of the Kahla city museum, who was so kind to open the museum on Saturday.