History - Shipping station

In and around the Walpersberg Mountain, numerous construction sites were built. Due to this, a permanent supply of material, machines and spare parts were needed.

The Allies had held air superiority over Germany for some time. The Third Reich also lacked transport capacity and fuel.

The only way to deliver the vital construction material for the "REIMAHG" was to use the Berlin-Munich railway, which ran alongside the factory.

In order to facilitate loading and unloading as quickly as possible, the "REIMAHG" direction planned and constructed its own railway connection.

The railway connection was situated beside the main line. From there, the wagons were unloaded and goods transferred to a narrow gauge track that ran across the B88 road in the direction of the Walpersberg Mountain.

On the aerial view above, the goods yard (1), as well as a second depot above the B88 road (2) can be seen.

From the second depot, by using the narrow gauge track, everything was transported towards the Walpersberg Mountain. The railway connection should have run through the Dehnatal Valley. Several bridges were built, but it was not completely finished by the time the war ended.

The numerous railway tipper/hopper-wagons that can be seen on several aerial photographs indicates clear proof of the "intermediate solution".