History - The 16th Fusilier Battalion

After the liberation of Belgium, the Allies requested the Belgian Army to support their advance into Europe.

By the end of 1944 / beginning of 1945, several Fusilier battalions were created and fought alongside the Allies.

The 16th Fusilier Battalion was created on the January 15th 1945 in Bonsecours and was composed mainly of former members of the "Armée Secréte" (Secret Army; resistance fighters).

On March 12th 1945 the unit came under American command and one company crossed the Rhine River at Remagen on March, 15th.

In April 1945, the entire unit is tasked with guarding and security missions in the Saale Valley. A platoon of the 5th company guards the former "REIMAHG" factory in Grosseutersdorf and another platoon the "Albit" factory in Rothenstein.

The unit returns on August 2nd, 1945 to Belgium and is disbanded in Beverlo barracks on the 31st December 1945.