History - The 89th Infantry Division

The 89th Infantry Division, also known as "Middle West Division" or "Rolling W Division", had as its motto "Get It Done" during the battles.

The unit was created on July 15th 1942 in the United States and landed on January 22nd 1943 on the European mainland.

Their first contact with the enemy and their entrance into combat happened on March 12th 1945 and 57 combat days would follow.
During the fighting in Europe, the division lost 222 soldiers (Killed in Action), had 692 wounded and 91 soldiers were reported as Missing in Action. In total the division took 43,512 prisoners of war.

In March 1945, the division crossed the River Rhine. By the middle of April they succeeded in advancing towards the River Elbe.

At the beginning of April, the 89th Infantry Division marched into Thuringia and liberated Ohrdruf, a sub camp of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

April 13th and 14th, the unit reached Kahla.
Their orders were to cross the Saale River. During this action the "REIMAHG" underground factory and the attached camps were liberated.
The commander of the division was Major-General Thomas D. Finley.