The ADREMA System in the „REIMAHG“

Beginning of April 1944, the first forced labourers, Italians, arrived in Kahla. By March 1945, the number of forced labourers had increased to 10,000. The underground aircraft factory „REIMAHG“ was to become one of the largest production facilities in the Third Reich, in order to produce Me 262. The registration of forced labourers, as well as voluntary foreign workers, German skilled workers, administrative staff and Werkschutz, were managed by the ADREMA system, resulting in a stock of approx. 15,000 plaques. Unfortunately, only about 1,000 of them still exist today. This publication provides readers with an insight
into the function and use of the ADREMA system and how it was used in the „REIMAHG“.

All texts are in German and English.


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