As a result of gathering those who were interested in the history of the “REIMAHG” and the linked human fates, an association was founded on 26 March 2003, under the association inventory number VR 726 at the Stadtroda Amtsgericht court.

The research in order to retrace the history of the site took us to archives, museums, memorials sites, libraries, institutions, private persons and governmental organizations on a local, country wide and international level, going from the Ukraine to the USA, creating intense contacts.

Informative, friendly contacts and the submerging close cooperation were the results of visits to other associations in Zerbst, Oschersleben and Kamsdorf. Those locations are all closely connected to the history of the “REIMAHG”

A special focus is and will always be the cooperation with the former forced laborers and their relatives. The research regarding this issue, which is situated on an European level, is taken care off by our associate member in Belgium.

Based on the original documents and their exploitation it was possible to get some of the forced laborers officially recognized.

Common projects with the press, radio and television, also abroad, received a great deal of attention and many new contacts were established towards the association.

Preparation for the upcoming commemoration at the Walpersberg

Shortly after the creation of the association, the first commemorations on the Walpersberg and inside the tunnels took place on May 9th, 2003. Numerous were the meetings with the authorities, in order to get the necessary clearance, but the day was filled with emotions and was a success, also due to the presence of many foreign representatives.

Participation at the ceremonies in Leubengrund, in Kahla, Eichenberg and Hummelshain

All activities within the association like multimedia, imagery, documentation, events, meetings, messages and public work, as well as the history of the factory are visible on the website of the association and will be updated. We visited the Deutsches Museum, München and the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin.

The organization of a guided tour inside the mountain, with the agreement of the German authorities took place. A close cooperation with other institutions, like the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Foundation and the KZ Laura are some of them. Our Association took part at the remembrance events.