Kahla, Meeting regarding the upcoming commemorations in May

Support and participation at the commemorations in Brussels/Belgium

Several meetings with foreign guests about the participation and activities for the ceremonies in May in Kahla

Visit to the V2 underground factory La Coupole, France

Meeting in Bastogne, Ardennes, Belgium

Meeting regarding commemorations in Remagen

Arrival of restored artifacts and adding them to the exhibition in the Kahla Stadtmuseum

Participation at ceremonies in Jabbeke, Belgium

Invitation and participation at the commemorative events in Plzen, Czech Republic

Participation at the commemorations in Kahla, Eichenberg, Langenorla, Walpersberg

Evening dinner and meeting with relatives of former forced laborers

Support and participation at the events for the 200 years of the Battle of Waterloo

Trip to Normandy, France and participation at the ceremonies for D-Day 1944

Event regarding the end of WW2 in Leopoldsburg, Belgium

Meeting with the Pieters family who’s father was a Dutch forced laborer, Zoetermeer, Holland

Flight to the USA, meeting with veterans and relatives in San Francisco, San Diego, Saint-Louis and Washington

Participation at ceremony in Jabbeke, Belgium

External support for the restoration of historical documents and posters

Support and participation at the exhibition and commemoration in the former Breendonk concentration camp

Meeting in Bastogne, Commemorations

Participation at ceremony in Bastogne, Belgium