A view underground, September 2020

We always receive inquiries as to whether the tunnels in the Walpersberg can be visited.  We are, of course, pleased that interest in the history remains unbroken. However, it is not possible to open the tunnel system to visitors, for many reasons. In addition, the Walpersberg is classified as a FFH* (Fauna-Flora-Habitat) area. In the tunnel system, a large and protected bat population also has its quarters.

The tunnel system is divided into two areas, the original area (“REIMAHG”) and the newer area (NVA). The many kilometres in the old building area are difficult to walk through in some places, in some places there is a lack of sufficient oxygen. The entire ventilation and thus the safety of the statics is no longer given by the hermetically sealed inputs. The newer area, a storage area extensively expanded by the National People’s Army in the 1970s, is so unstable that large-scale wall and ceiling demolitions occur.

In the past, however, our association had the opportunity to use an underground section for an extensive historical exhibition in cooperation with the state authorities and their permission. The occasion was a commemoration ceremony with international guests, which we organized at Walpersberg then and in the following years.

Many of the pictures that were taken at that time still document our work on an international basis. The facility documents its sad past and this should always be in the foreground and treated with respect for everything you do on this site. It is the history of people and not primarily that of technology, which is unfortunately preferred by many others. For us, the history of the people is and will remain our working guide to this day.

*             HABITAT sites are special European protected areas for nature and landscape protection designated under the Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive, which are used to protect plants (flora), animals (fauna) and habitat types (habitats) listed in several annexes to the Habitats Directive. FFH sites are part of the Natura 2000 network.

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