Print of the photobook „REIMAHG – A pictorial History“

Development and first preparations, meetings for the overall project – Commemorations for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation in Langenorla

Project development for a photo documentation “Liberation of Thuringia in April 1945“

Visit to the Pieters family, Holland, who’s father was a forced laborer

Discovering the history in France

Presentation of the concept and agreements on the museum in Kahla

Research at the Scientific Collection of Defense archives in Koblenz

Preparations on the objects for exhibition, Museum Kahla

Continuation with training dance group for the commemoration in Langenorla

Meeting and interview with the US veteran Charles Payne (Uncle of President Obama) and other veterans at the Memorial Site Buchenwald

Continuation with training dance group for the commemoration in Langenorla

Return of WW2 US veterans and their relatives, 89th Infantry Division

During one week we escort our foreign guests with a cultural programm

Organization of an international Youth Camp with participants from four nations

Organization of a historical Allied military camp as in 1945, with international participation

Visit to the Memorial sites of Buchenwald and Ohrdruf with all guests and participants of the international Youth Camp

International commemoration in Langenorla

Evening event, following European Day and the celebration of „Fest der Völkerverständigung“

Special exhibition about the end of the war in Thuringia, 1945

While conducting research in different foreign archives, we discover a new unknown film that was shot 1945 in the „REIMAHG“

Meeting and interviewing of witnesses, reception of of documents

Participation at the commemorations in Normandy, France, in Uffheim/Alsace, in Birmersdorf/Switzerland, in Rochelinval/Belgium, Remagen, Langenorla und Kahla/Germany, Plzen/Czech Republic, participation at the „Liberty Convoy“ in Plauen and Vogtland

Support and assistance with the ceremonies for Belgian veterans in Merchtem

Our association has supported on a large scale, since 2009, the exhibition project around “Forced Labor”. An initiative by the Memorial Foundation Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora, supported by the „Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft“ Foundation, with whom we already worked in the past in different projects. A special interest by the project leader went to the private archives of Patrick Brion, who has conducted historical research on the history of the “REIMAHG” on a global scale since more then 20 years. Dr. Lutz Priess, Weimar/Buchenwald travelled to Brussels, Belgium to consult those archives.