One of the last contemporary witnesses, 28 June 2023

A while ago, the son of an American veteran contacted us and asked regarding a tour for the family, allowing to discover the regional history and the REIMAHG. We gladly agreed to support the request.

Coming from the USA, we met Robert Seiwald, his son and his family in Kahla on June 28th at the city museum. 78 years ago Robert was part of the 89th Infantry Division. His unit, I Company of the 3rd Battalion, 354th Infantry Regiment, was in Kahla in April 1945.
Robert, now 98 years old, could still remember a few things. We took him and his family around the city museum, which they were very impressed with. In the REIMAHG exhibition, Robert was very moved when he saw the objects that documented his unit. Then a visit to the Leuchtenburg was on the program, where we showed them the region and explained a lot with wonderful weather and the best foresight.

It was a warm encounter, shaped by memories.