Exchange and Network, 17 September 2020

In addition to research, the expansion and maintenance of our network to other institutions, authorities, universities, associations and many more is one of the most important activities. Our many years of experience in research and research always proves that the history of “REIMAHG” always leads to surprising connections, insights and friendships.  Especially the close cooperation with and in the club network is of great importance to us.

In this context, we were today in Dessau-Rosslau, in the local history museum of Alten, which is located on the grounds of the Municipal Hospital.

From 1990-2004 it was run as a private museum “Altener Heimatstube” by the founder Walter Hartmann (verst. 1999) and his family.

In 2004 the support and home association Dessau-Alten e.V. was founded and took over the “Heimatstube”.

With the move to the grounds of the hospital, the museum was reopened as the “Heimatmuseum Alten” at the beginning of January 2007.

Thematic focus in the exhibition: Hugo Junkers – his work and work in alten, from the village of Alten to the industrial location, household and technology in the course of time, photo exhibition with functional photo laboratory, historical cuisine from the 1940s, original shoemaker’s workshop.

The association is very committed to the local history, especially to the history of Hugo Junkers, the founder of the Junkerswerke. The aim of our visit was to view original files in the archives of the association and to digitize them.

Once again, we would like to thank the employees of the association very much. It was an instructive and pleasant day, especially thanks to Mrs. Ilona Zeidler and the museum director Mr. Eberhard Scheler. In the future, we will work on further joint projects, especially for 2021.

More information about the local history museum:

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