A labor of love, August 3, 2023

For more than 20 years we have been researching the history of the former aircraft factory “REIMAHG” near Kahla.

The focus of our research is primarily focused on the people. Whether forced laborers, Hitler Youth, Werkschutz (SS), German workers, everyone has their own personal story, which runs around the globe in the research. For others, architectural history and technology take precedence, and the word “culture of remembrance” inevitably takes on a completely different meaning. 

Most of the recognition and gratitude for the years of research came from abroad. The extensive and unique archival holdings of more than 8,519 people and 41,687 documents have already helped many to recognize them, brought families together, clarified their stories and many, many inquiries received an answer. This is the ideal reward, the gratitude for countless hours of work and time as well as the use of high private costs, just a labor of love.