We help friends, September 13, 2020

For a long time there has been close contact between the mayor, Mr. Ludwig, Reinsdorf/Zwickau, and our association. Historically very interested, he asked us to support him professionally in his exhibition project at the end of the war in Zwickau and the surrounding region. We met for talks, researched for him, put together an exhibit selection from our association fund, which Mrs. Biedermann and the archivist Steff van Mylsen gratefully received last week on loan contract.

We received the invitation to the opening of the exhibition on Sunday, September 13th with great pleasure, because unfortunately the date had to be postponed several times due to Corona.

The opening took place on the large grounds of the „Home and Mining Museum“ in which the exhibition was also shown on a complete level. The lwell-being was well catered for and Corona also had no chance against the many well-placed disinfection possibilities. After the mayor’s speech, a speech by our club member Patrick and the words of thanks to all those who had made this exhibition possible, the official exhibition was opened.

We were deeply impressed by what Mr. Ludwig and his dedicated team presented historically, spatially and aesthetically.  No expert could have done the exhibition any better. Later we met in a smaller circle for a convivial dinner, for a dignified end to the day. During many conversations, great atmosphere and delicious food, it was unanimously decided to maintain contact for the following projects and in friendship. The unbiased and general friendly welcome impressed us very much and for that our thanks again to all of you in Reinsdorf!

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