Participation at a working meeting for a commemorative march in Bastogne, Belgium

Participation at a commemorative ceremony in Margraten, Holland

Participation at ceremony, Waver/Belgium

Securing the property of the association, that was stored in „Meyer`s Restaurant“, due to the demolition of the building

Further research in the German army museum archives, Dresden

Ceremonies at the Walpersberg, in Eichenberg, Kahla and Langenorla

Wreath-laying at the American military cemetery in Margraten/ Holland

Ceremonies in Buchenwald,Weimar and in Souchez and Normandy, France

Request and authorization to be present at the commemorations in Normandy with US president Barack Obama at the US cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France

Opening of the newly prepared exhibition about the history of the Walpersberg and the „REIMAHG“ in the Kahla Stadtmuseum

Commemoration in Liège/Belgium, followed by lunch and meeting with veterans

Support for a commemorative march in Belgium

Invitation for a reception at the US Embassy Brussels

Restoration of artifacts for the exhibition in the Kahla Stadtmuseum

Restoration of historical flags as support for other associations

Exchange and support of a private museum in Ennal, Belgium

Organization and participation at the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge ceremonies, Ardennes, Belgium. Escort of WW2 US veterans, visit to King Philippe II, Brussels and Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg