Travelling exhibition #StolenMemory comes to Thuringia

Since the beginning of 2020, the association “Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Walpersberg” e.V., seat Kahla, has been working closely together with the Arolsen Archives to clarify the fates of the forced laborers who worked in the “REIMAHG” near Kahla/Grosseutersdorf.   This has already led to more than 4,200 fates being solved. The association, founded in Kahla in 2003, works on the history of the “REIMAHG” both nationally and internationally, with a special focus on the people who came to Kahla as forced laborers at that time.

The Arolsen Archives are the world’s most comprehensive archive of Nazi persecution. The documents were collected as a tool for clarifying fates. They contain information on victims of the Holocaust and prisoners of the concentration camps, on foreign forced laborers and on survivors who, as displaced persons,  tried to build a new life.

Today, the more than 30 million original documents belong to the UNESCO World Heritage And are an important source of knowledge and at the same time a reminder for today’s society.

The travelling exhibition informs about the project #StolenMemory. The focus is on the personal belongings of ten former concentration camp inmates. The Arolsen Archives still contain more than 2,500 personal objects (so-called effects) of former concentration camp inmates.

The exhibition will be presented in a fold-out overseas container.

In order to strengthen the good and close cooperation, as well as the importance of remembrance, especially at this time, our association submitted the application to the Arolsen Archives to bring the travelling exhibition #StolenMemory to Kahla.  With the support of the city of Kahla, the container will now be installedon Thursday 27 August at the  Gries (on the Saale) as the only place in Thuringia in 2020 and will remain there until 10 September.