A Promise, January 6, 2023

During an interview in August and October 2022, we made a promise to Maria and Stepanyka. As children, they were former forced laborers of the REIMAHG, now living in a village near Kovel, Ukraine.

In 1944, the entire family was moved from Kahla to Schleusingen. Here on 6.6.1944 Nadjeschda, the youngest sister, died 11 months young and buried in the local cemetery.

Our research revealed that her grave still exists. The sisters did not know if it still existed and where it was.

On Friday, 6.1.23, we drove to Schleusingen, in our luggage Ukrainian earth, candles, flowers and a small flag that the sisters handed over to us, with the request to leave it on the grave of their little, unforgettable sister.

That same evening we sent them many photos and thus the confirmation that we had kept our promise, just as we could promise and give Maria a wheelchair so that she would be more mobile.