Participation at a meeting for a commemorative march in Bastogne, Belgium

Participation at a commemoration for the end of WW2 in Margraten, Holland

Support and participation at an event for the end of WW2 with the city council of Kortrijk, Belgium

Creation of the new museum concept regarding the „REIMAHG“ exhibition in the Kahla Stadtmuseum

Escort of a group of WW2 US veterans of the 101st Airborne Division in Bastogne, Belgium

Presentation about the „REIMAHG“ at US Air Force base in Spangdahlen, Germany

Remembrance ceremony at the Walpersberg and surrounding villages

Flight to Arizona, USA, in order to consult, preserve and receive artefacts from 1945 with WW2 veteran Joe Cicchinelli, in order to integrate them into the exhibition in the Kahla Stadtmuseum

Wreathlaying at the US cemetery in Margraten, Holland, Adoption of three graves of the 89th Infantry division

Visit and escort of the WW2 veteran Edward D. Shames, Bastogne, Belgium

Research in Normandy, France, as to 3rd US Army under General Patton

Reception in the airport in Brussels of WW2 veteran Joe Cicchinelli, followed by a trip to Kahla for the official handover of his items for the “REIMAHG” exhibition

Visit and escort of two US WW2 veterans Joe Cicchinelli und Dick Field, USA

Official opening of the new exhibition about the history of the Walpersberg and the „REIMAHG“ in the Kahla Stadtmuseum

Visit of the Stalag IVb- Museums in Mühlberg and Memorial Site Buchenwald, Weimar with the US veterans

US Veteran hands over collection for the exhibition

The US WW2 veteran Joe Cicchinelli is a guest during three months with the Brion family in Belgium

Invitation and participation at the commemorations about the end of WW2 in Wommelgem, Belgium

Escort of US veterans Robert L. Overkott, Kent Stephens, J.P. Whilewood, Frank J.Walten, Robert S. Pensock and Harry Hami

Visit at ceremonies with Joe Cicchinelli, US veteran,  in Souchez, France

Participation and speech at the burial of the Belgian flagbearer Gaston Claeys of the Belgian association of former forced laborers of the „REIMAHG“, Waarschoot, Belgium

Courtesy visit with 91 years old Maria Schüler, Olzheim, former Red Cross nurse at the „REIMAHG“ hospital in Hummelshain

Participation at the yearly meeting with the Belgian Association of former forced laborers of the „REIMAHG in Aalter, Belgium

Translation of an exhibition folder for the Belgian Royal Military Museum Brussels in German

Support and meeting of a Belgian association for the commemorations of the Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes, Belgium

Visit with the US WW2 veterans Joe Cicchinelli, Sergio D. Moriano and Gene Gilbreath to Bastogne, Belgium and participation at the ceremonies