Congratulations to our seminar group!

28 December 2020

Last year, a seminar group from the state Anger Gymnasium Jena contacted us. You were working on a project with the theme “Death of contemporary witnesses – Death of Remembrance? – the change of remembrance using the example of the armaments plant “REIMAHG” at Kahla” and asked us to support their seminar project as an external supervisor.

The choice of the topic immediately aroused our interest, as forced labor and remembrance is the focus of our association work. We have already supervised several project work, but none that was dedicated to such a specific topic. With more than 27 years of experience and extensive expertise, we were able to provide the group with maximum support both thematically and professionally. It is a pity that they received no further support from the Documentation Centre in Großeutersdorf, except for a few brochures. Which they found very regrettable. Nevertheless, thanks to our support, in November and despite the year-round adversity of Corona, they were able to give up their extensive as well as interesting technical work.

Also due to Corona, a final evaluation of the work will not take place until the first quarter of 2021. We definitely keep our fingers crossed for Lena, Emilia and Natalia!