Visit of the external installations of the Walpersberg and the former camps of the “REIMAHG”

Interviews with witnesses

Meetings with the local mayors

Participation and exhibition on the yearly meeting of the former Belgian forced laborers, Aalter, Belgium

Meeting with the president of the Belgian Association of former forced laborers of the “REIMAHG” for the commemorations in May

Preparations for filming at the Walpersberg

Meeting at the Besucherbergwerk Kamsdorf

Meeting with the Thuringian Heritage Institution

Preparation of a presentation folder

Preparation for the May ceremony at the Walpersberg

Visit to communal and district archives

Training of the dance group for the commemoration

Meeting with the Saale-Holzland District authorities

Working on a concept of bylaws for the creation of a foundation

First Aid course with the German Red Cross

Participation at the commemoration at the KZ Laura memorial site

Commemorations at the Walpersberg, Leubengrund, Kahla, Hummelshain, Eichenberg and Langenorla

Presentations about the history of the “REIMAHG”

Creating of a new information plate at the Leubengrund (Hotel Linzmühle)

Participation at the international convention about the history of the Italian forced laborers, Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Italy

Visit and exchange of experiences with the Memorial Site Mittelbau-Dora, Nordhausen

Participation at the ceremony at the S III Aussenkommando and Den Hague/Holland