Support for the realisation of a pictorial book about the history of the people and the “REIMAHG” factory

Support at a research project regarding forced labor, travelling exhibition with the Buchenwald Memorial, Weimar

Kahla, meeting with veterans Gerhard Mittelstädt and Klaus W. Müller

Visit and meeting with the singer „KAS“  in Deal, England, in order to prepare the commemoration in May, Kahla

Participation at the commemorations in Jabbeke/Belgium, Kahla and Langenorla/Germany

Invitation and participation at the ceremonies in Plzen, Czech Republic

Presentation of the history of the „REIMAHG“ in Kleindembach

Escort of Belgian guests during the commemorations and visit of the Memorial Buchenwald, Weimar

Trip to Normandy, France and participation at the ceremonies for D-Day 1944

Meeting and escort of US veterans Ellan Lewitsky and Dorothy Sinner, Los Bisil, Geoff Vedl, Julius Eisner, R. Baker, J. Schwan, Raymond Fary, Marvin Winfree

Invitation at the ceremony and reception in Grandval with countess Francine Duchemin-Noyon, France

Meeting with Barbara Gavin, USA, daughter of General Jim Gavin (WW2)

Participation at the event with British WW2 veterans in Hawking, England

Meeting and interview with Belgian resistance fighter Georgette Borrijn

Participation at an event in Leopoldsburg, Belgium

Meeting with Jacques Goossens and Robert Tabary, Veterans of the Belgian „Brigade Piron“, Belgium, WW2

Escort of British veterans of the “ Normandy Veterans Association“, France

Support of the association of the „Brigade Piron“, Buggenhout, Belgium

Extensive restauration of the original WW2 flag of the Belgium Brigade „Piron“

Visit of different monuments in Bastogne, Meeting and participations of the construction of a new monument for the 326th Airborne Medical Company,  Barrière Hinck, Belgium

Escort of US WW2 veterans Walter Schwendig, Ray Nagell, Peter D. Burland, George Smilaniak

Support regarding a documentary about the Gauleiter „Sauckel“ with MdR Thüringen, Erfurt

Kleindembach, Presentation about the history of the „REIMAHG“

Arrival, reception and escort of WW2 veterans Joe Cicchinelli and Carl Dalke

Participation at the ceremonies in Bastogne, Belgium

Inauguration of the Monument at Barrière Hinck for the 326th Airborne Medical Company

Meeting with Helen Patton, Granddaughter of General Patton, Meeting regarding the participation at the ceremonies in Kahla and the region