Remembering, 7 May 2022

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, in the best weather, after a two years break due to corona, international guests met again for the celebrations in memory of the victims of REIMAHG, in Leubengrund near Kahla. They knew each other and the meeting after such a long time was characterized by the joy of reunion and many conversations.

Belgians, Dutch, Italians and Germans were invited by the district office, who now laid their wreaths again at the great monument. The subsequent solemn welcome and speech by the district administrator of the SHK, Mr. Heller, he, as well as the following speeches, referred to today’s events in Ukraine.

Afterwards, all guests met at the Kahla cemetery. At the monument of the mass grave, the victims were honored with floral layings. The speech by the mayor of the city, Jan Schönfeld, was followed by a message of greeting from the Italian Maria Rossi, which she had transmitted to those present via a mobile phone message. Above all, it was a heartfelt thank you to our association, which commissioned and had set a memorial stone for her late uncle Angiolo Brezzi in her name. In a speech by the chairman of the association, Steffi Brion, the memorial stone was solemnly inaugurated and in the subsequent speech and prayer of Pastor Freund also included in the blessing of those present.

After lunch together, they met again at the memorial stone of Camp E. Luciano Ferro’s speech was spontaneously followed by others and arrangements were laid down. The special setting was the musical contribution of Karl Simoens.

The last commemoration ceremony on this day took place in Hummelshain, in the cemetery of honour for the 167 dead of the former REIMAHG hospital.

Organized by the association, the conclusion of this eventful day was a joint dinner of the guests in the Greek restaurant on the market in Kahla. With friendly service and delicious food, they reviewed the day and promised to come back next year.

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