Our association has been researching the history of the former “REIMAHG” factory near Kahla since 1993, with a special focus on the fates of the committed forced laborers, the Hitler Youth, the Liberators and perpetrators.

This research covers numerous aspects and means especially here that you need to go to the archives, talk to witnesses, evaluate items, followed by hundreds of hours of analyzing all the information.

Our association was able, based on this research, to contribute to the recognition of the still living forced laborers by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) , allowing them to receive a pension after all these years.

The archives of the association hold:

  • Lists with names of the forced laborers of various nations
  • Original documents regarding forced labor
  • Original documents as to the construction of the “REIMAHG” Werke, the camps and the produktion of the Me262
  • A complete collection of military reports of the US Army, who entered Thuringia in April 1945
  • All aerial reconnaissance photos from 1943 until today
  • and much more…

If you have a question regarding the “REIMAHG” history, or are looking for information about a relative, who worked as a forced laborer in the “REIMAHG”, please reach out to us through the Contact page.

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