Organization and support over several months with the restoration at the Belgian Fort Saint-Héribert, Namur

Participation at the activities at the Fort Saint-Héribert, Namur

One week of research in the Imperial War Museum Archives in London

Visit of several association members to Belgium and visits/guided tours through the historical towns of Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels

Restoration of historical artifacts for other associations

Invitation and participation at several commemorative events in Birmerstorf (Aargau) Switzerland, in Rutten und Ypres/Belgium, in Eindhoven/Holland and in Plzen/Czech Republic

Multiple support, exchanges and assistance with the collection of the BSD Museum in Soest

Research in the Westhoek region/Belgium

Florence Hennebel from France visits us – informative meeting and exchange of documents regarding her grandfather, former forced laborer of the “REIMAHG”