Acquisition of new exhibit

Looking forward to completing our Adrema printing machine, we were given a unique opportunity to purchase the adrema punching machine we were looking for through a friend. We went to Göttingen and were amazed at the good condition and functionality of the rather petite-looking machine.

It was used in the administration, but above all for the registration of factory workers, including forced laborers, whose data could be stamped on metal plaques and then printed. The history of the Adrema plant, the use and use of the system, its use in the “REIMAHG” and the evaluation of the present over 1500 stamped Adrema metal plate data of the work are recorded in the book “The Adrema System”, Patrick Brion (German/English). The new publication was ordered by many interested institutions before the printing and it received a very large, positive response after receipt. Especially since no further literature is available on this compressed topic, which is historically presented here.