“Local Remembrance”, 7 May 2021

“Local Remembrance” – The Arolsen Archives launched this campaign to increase the visibility of small memorial sites and initiatives and to give them a voice to promote the valuable and important work they do. In this interview, Patrick Brion from the Walpersberg Memorial Association “Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Walpersberg e.V.” in Kahla (Thuringia) is talking to us about the work of the memorial site and the significance of the campaign.

Our research that has been ongoing for many years, we also came in touch with the Arolsen Archives. From this encounter, a very intense cooperation grew, with common projects. This archiv (UNESCO Heritage) respects and supports our work and projects regarding the people that worked in the “REIMAHG”. The quality and professional cooperation is reflected in the interview, that has now been published.

Now it’s our duty to make sure we don’t forget. | Arolsen Archives (arolsen-archives.org)