Assisting the thesis of Marlene Hölzel, Hermsdorf

Presentations in Kleindembach, Hummelshain, Rudolstadt, Zerbst, Jena, Langenorla, Kahla, Gotha and Gera

Participation and presentation at the Forum for Forced Labor, Piacenza, Italy

Preparation for an extended exhibition during the May commemorations

Meetings with the concerned ministries in Thuringia

Meeting in the Belgian Embassy, Berlin

Guided tours around the Walpersberg

Participation at the yearly meeting in Aalter, Belgium

Our association moves into a new storage site

Interviews with witnesses

Inventorary of the artifacts

Traning of the dance group for May

Walk on-site on the Walpersberg, planification and security

Further research in the archives

Preparations for the ceremony at the Walpersberg

Ceremony at the Walpersberg

Participation at the ceremonies in the Saale-Holzland district and Langenorla

Participation at the yearly meeting of the veterans of the Belgian 16th Fusiliers