An extraordinary Day, July 2, 2020

We are increasingly contacted by interested parties who especially want a guided tour only by our association. The professional and informative quality is spreading and we are recommended to friends, acquaintances and families. Above all, it is probably the human interaction and acceptance of the people that we are taking through the region around Kahla that are bringing us these increasing requests.

We were contacted by a team of the Johanniter from Rudolstadt and asked for a guided tour, so we gladly welcomed the small group on July 2nd in best of weather.

Taking into account the Corona specifications, we guided the historically very interested group through the history of the “REIMAHG”. During many conversations, discovered similarities and a lot of mutual sympathy, we ended this eventful day at the Waldhotel Linzmühle.

A big surprise came when the leader of the group presented us with an extraordinary gift as a special “Thank you” for this day. It was a very well-preserved and signed original container with gas mask, which iswithout any doubt from the “REIMAHG” and belonged to a man of the local Volkssturm.

This exhibit will definitely enrich our new exhibition.

We thanked them for the great surprise and great atmosphere and look forward to a joint cooperation in the future.

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