In my grandfather’s footsteps

While it used to be eyewitnesses we talked to, today more and more grandchildren and great-grandchildren, family members who find much in the estate of the deceased that they never found out about, that was never talked about, are contacting us.

As always, one of these stories begins with a request. She came from Antoine, Belgium, the grandson of Paul Durieux. A face-to-face meeting in Kahla was arranged at very short notice.

His grandfather Paul, who had been actively involved in the Belgian resistance since 1941, was arrested for the second time in 1944 and then, in the summer of 1944, deported to Kahla along with many other Belgians. Accommodated in Camp E near Eichenberg, he worked here as a paramedic

Paul survived and returned to Belgium. But often came back to Kahla to commemorate his comrades. His grandson, Antoine, found and keeps his grandfather’s many documents and began to come to terms with his life. So he came to Kahla to personally see the places where his grandfather had been deported. Our association accompanied him over several days and took him to all the places in this emotional story. Antoine was very impressed with everything and thanked us for showing us a part of his grandfather’s life. He wants to come back and we look forward to welcoming him here in May.