Visit from Italy, August 2022

In July we received a request from Italy regarding information about Italian forced laborers. The questions came from Ms. Borlini, a teacher who  researches the miners of her region around Milano.  A group of those miners was arrested on 11 September.  They were deported to Kahla  in April  1944 and  returned home in July and August 1945, one of whom died in the “REIMAHG”. In further conversations,  Ms. Borlini asked for support, as she wanted to explore and research this story herself, here  on site.

An overnight stay in a hotel was quickly organized thanks to the helpfulness of Mr. Börner, Linzmühle,  and two days later Ms. Borlini arrived in Kahla.  It was a very emotional weekend.

Not only the introduction to the history of “REIMAHG” on the basis of  our exhibition in the  city museum, the inspection of camps and the Walpersberg were among the tightly organized points of the day, but also the  many intensive discussions as well as reviewing photos and documents.  We continue to be in close  and friendly contact with Ms. Borlini.