Invitaton and participation at the official farewell of the Polish General-Consul Richard Kròl in Leipzig

Presentation as to the history of the „REIMAHG“ in Pößneck, Kranichfeld and Gotha

2 Days of research in the archives of the Rheinuniversität in Bochum, „CIOS“ files

Participation at the yearly meeting of the 16th Fuseliers, Namur

Meeting and escort of Belgian families of former forced laborer in order to organize their visit from Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium to Weimar, Buchenwald and back

Preparations for the May commemorations

Training of the dance group for the commemoration

Preparations of the ceremony at the Walpersberg

Several commemorative plaques are destroyed and stolen. Despite a formal complaint at the police station in Stadtroda and the following inquiry no result is achieved.

Organization und execution of the commemoration at the Walpersberg in May with international guests, politicians, ambassadors and representatives of various nations.

Escort of former forced laborers and guests from various nations

Guided tour as to the history of the Walpersberg („REIMAHG“)

Excursion to France, research in the Normandy archives as to D-Day

Excursion to England, research as to the Allied Photographic Reconnaissance, Medmenham

More research in Normandy, France as to D-Day 1944

Participation at a commemorative event in Souchez, France

Research continues and brings us to Countess „Maus de Rolley“, as her castle was home to General Patton, Rolley, Belgium

Meeting in Wittlich, Germany for the participation at the commemorations in December in Bastogne, Belgium

More meetings for the upcoming events in Bastogne, Belgium

Guided tour for a group of Italian visitors about the “REIMAHG” around the Walpersberg

After a written request by our association, the Bundesvermögensamt in Erfurt informs us that the Walpersberg site has been sold to a private holder

Visit in Holland and participation at a commemorative march and wreath laying

Carl Dalke, a WW2 US veteran comes to Europe. We escort and assist him for that period.