Association trip to Aachen – Kaiserdom and Altstadt

Start of the making of a scale model of a forced labor barrack, based on original drawings and photos

Association trip to Paris, guided tour of the city with the help of Patrick who speaks fluently French

Participation at a commemorative march in the Belgian Ardennes

Three days of research in the German army museum, Dresden

Meeting and escort of a Belgium family of a former forced laborer, who visited Kahla for the first time

Participation at the commemorations at the Walpersberg, Langenorla and Kahla,  Escort of former forced laborers, relatives and foreign guests

Guided tour as to the history of the Walpersberg („REIMAHG“)

Participation at commemorations in Belgium/Holland/Switzerland/Czech Republic

Association trip to Weimar, exhibition about Henry van de Velde

Participation at the ceremonies in Buchenwald, Weimar

Further research as to the Allied landing in Normandy/France in 1944 and participation at the events and remembrance ceremonies in Souchez, France

Participation at ceremonies in Flémalle and Vielsalm/Belgium

The association visits the Wartburg in Eisenach

Invitation and participation at a meeting of families of former Dutch forced laborers in Delft

Presentation about the “REIMAHG” in Aalst/Belgium, following by talks and buffet

Participation at the ceremonies in Bastogne, Belgium and in Luxembourg

Association visit to Ghent, visit of the historical inner city