Project Barrack portal, February 2021

The restoration of the park from the Hummelshain Castle also included the demolition of former hospital barracks for forced laborers from the time when the castle was still the “REIMAHG” operating hospital.

The demolition was the reason for us, in consultation with the owner and the mayor, to use the opportunity to salvage an original portal of one of the barracks. Removal and securing of the wooden elements was carried out at short notice. Subsequently, each wood segment is examined for its condition and the technical restoration begins.

That is, exposed by several layers of color, missing as unusable parts replaced and adjusted accordingly. The original coloured paint from 1944 is still very well preserved on the inside pages and is therefore only revised and preserved.

The association project “Baracken-Portal” will find its new location at the cemetery in Hummelshain after completion and with the support of sponsors. In the designed interior, an informative text-image documentation on the history of the former company hospital will inform the visitors.

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