A hike with surprise

A super sunny day with a great family, that was the conclusion of our hike on historical tracks.

Andreas had asked us to organize a hike for his family. If we were very happy and after careful agreement on all modalities, we met on the mountain on September 12th, packed our backpacks, Wuschel  Sammy our 4 legged  friends  and set off. Not only the view of all historical aspects and relics accompanied this hike, also the mushrooms, animals and flowers and a brilliant atmosphere rounded off this family day.

The big surprise for everyone, Andreas his wife had come especially to surprise all tired hikers with a delicious 2-course meal and strengthen them for the further way. Many thanks to the cook!!! After 5 hours of history, everyone had earned a cool beer, ice cream and water for Sammy in the Linzmühle. During conversations, laughing and after many questions back and forth, we said goodbye in the most cordial way, until the next time.

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