Participation at the Hummelshainer „Fest des Waldes und der Jagd“, 7 – 8 September

Past weekend, the Hummelshain castle park traditionally opened its doors to the „Fest des Waldes und der Jagd” (Feast of the Forest and Hunt). Our association was also present this year with an informative stand.

The weather was good and for the first time in 30 years the gates were opened for this big family celebration on Saturday, which attracted thousands of guests.

During the weekend we met many old friends and also eyewitnesses who witnessed the history of the „REIMAHG“. We were happy to provide detailed and professionally competent answers to the endless questions of the interested visitors. This interest confirmed us that people are still interested in this subject, but above all are interested in the proper clarification of history. The contact with witnesses was of particular importance to us, as they are a very important part of the historical research. Therefore, in the next few weeks, many appointments are due in order to interview them, thus preserving a piece of authentic history.

Our information stand received many visitors, due to its presentation and information, with information material and a small exhibition.