We assisted the Lefevre family with viewing, digitalizing and restauration of their large of photo glass plates archive. .

Guided tour for a German army unit around the Walpersberg, Reservistenverband, Saaleck-Kaserne, Hammelburg

Concept and preparations for an photo exhibition in Langenorla

Support in the museum “Le Mess“, Bastogne, Belgium

Guidance and support in a Seminararbeit ,Theme „REIMAHG“, Uwe and Florian Kubka, Rödelwitz

Participation at the commemorations in Kahla, Langenorla/Germany, in Leopoldsburg/Belgium, Uffheim, in Flémalle und Malmedy/Belgium

Cooperation with the NIOOO, the Belgian National Institute for Veterans and War Victims about forced labor

Advice and technical support for an commemorative event about the end of the war, Eeklo

Participation at the „War and Peace“ event, Beltring, England and escort of British veterans, Singer Kas and meeting with Helen Patton, General Patton’s granddaughter, chairwomen of the Patton Foundation

Participation at the commemorations around the Resistance and meeting with former resistance fighters, Rutten, Belgium

Visit to the Pieters family, Holland, relatives to a former forced laborer

Guided tour for a group of former Belgian forced laborers of the “REIMAHG”

Presence at the inauguration of the new museum in Bastogne, Belgium

Visit to Holland, Delft und the Clijst family, relatives of a former forced laborer

We said goodbye to a very close and longlasting friend, participation at the burial of Horst Partschefeld, Kahla

Reception and escort of British guests from Deal, England

Trip to Holland, gathering with families of former forced laborers