Searching for traces…. – 25 July 2020

As part of our in-depth research regarding the large number of companies involved in the construction of the “REIMAHG” plant, the issue of the fuel supply also has its place.

The Me 262 with its Jumo 004 engines used the aircraft fuel J2, a mixture of diesel and aviation fuel. Despite imports of raw materials from Romania and Austria, this became increasingly scarce during the war. In addition, the massive bombardment of the hydrogenation plants, especially the largest hydrogenboilers located in Leuna/Saxony-Anhalt and Pölitz/Oder, were the target of these attacks.

As early as 1934, the Reich Ministry of Economics adopted a drilling program for strategic stockpiling, which was primarily concerned with storing aviation fuel in large tank facilities. Plants were also built in Thuringia for this purpose. One of these plants supplied aviation fuel to “REIMAHG”.

In close cooperation with a friendly association, we are now supporting them regarding the history of that location. From our extensive archive of documents and documents from international archives, we were able to hand over information and documents that were unknown to them. In return, they support us with loans, as the association has, among other things, a large contingent of barrels and canisters, of the type that had been delivered to the “REIMAHG”.