Visit from Belgium, August 20, 2023

Preparations lasted several months, to receive the visit of the “Friends of Esterwegen Concentration Camp Survivors”, Belgium.

For many of them it was the first visit to Kahla, and it was also the first time they heard about the multi-faceted history of the “REIMAHG”.

The oldest participant on this trip was an impressive 96 years. In a lecture held in Dutch, they learned everything about the history, followed by a visit to the exhibition.

Some guests were emotionally affected because they also knew the people from the objects assigned by name.

Not only the lecture in their native language was well received, the exhibition and the museum itself in general also inspired the guests, which is why they wrote in the guest book.

Then we went to Kleineutersdorf, where Jens and his wife were already waiting for us in the restaurant “Zur Grünen Aue”. There was freshly grilled food, salad, drinks and much more from the grill. The original Thuringian bratwurst was very well received by our friends from Belgium, which is why they asked for a second one.

Thank you to Jens and his team!

This day ended with a commemoration at the central memorial in Leubengrund, to which they brought 6 extra historical flags to give the laying of flowers, speech, and music a dignified setting.

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