New exhibit for the exhibition

Today we received an unexpected gift, a gift with a very special background.

To do so, we must return to the memory, to 6 July 1974.  On that day, Volker Enders, then the senior teacher, as director of the Hummelshain Jugendwerkhof, was presented with an award by the People’s Republic of Poland, the medal “For the care of the sites of struggle and martyrdom“. 

The decisive factor for this honor for the Jugendwerkhof “Ehre der Arbeit”, Hummelshain, was the years of effort and the commitment of the Jugendwerkhof for the care of the memorial for the victims of the “REIMAHG” in the castle park and the honor field in Hummelshain.

The original medal that was handed over to us will be given a special place in our exhibition at the Kahla City Museum.