Meetings concerning the commemorations in May

Meeting about the upcoming International Youth Camp

Meetings within the Association and with the board of directors

Installation of a new commemorative plaque at the Walpersberg

Interviews with witnesses

Further research in the regional archives

Training with the dance group

Participation and presentation during the International Seminar regarding forced labor, Viareggio Italy

Presentation in Gera, Jena, Hermsdorf, Triptis and Kahla

Working day at the Walpersberg

Participation at the commemorations in Jonastal and Buchenwald

Participation at the yearly meeting of the 16th Bn Fuseliers, Belgian army WW2

Handover of new commemorative plaques to our association

International Youth Camp with working projects and exhibition regarding forced labor

Visit to the KZ Buchenwald Memorial Site with participants of the Youth Camp and US veteran

Working day at the Walpersberg for the preparations of the ceremony

Remembrance event at the Walpersberg for the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation

Participation at the ceremonies in the Leubengrund, in Kahla, Eichenberg, Hummelshain and Langenorla

Participation and speech at the burial of Karl-Heinz Christ, Mayor of Langenorla

Participation at the yearly meeting in Aalter, Belgium

Association meeting and vote on changing the name of the Association from “REIMAHG” e.V. to Förderverein “Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Walpersberg” e.V.

Research in the archives of the War Victims, Brussels, Belgium