Visit to Stauffenberg Memorial

On September 21st, our association visited the Stauffenberg Memorial in Stuttgart, which opened in 2006.  Unfortunately, due to reconstruction work in the Old Castle, the memorial was closed for at least one year. Alternatively, there is the exhibition “Attentat. Stauffenberg” in the House of History Baden-Württemberg. This exhibition is so far the only exhibition in Germany that is exclusively reminiscent of the two Stauffenberg brothers and their contribution to the resistance. It took decades for the brothers to be thought not of a traitor to the fatherland but as role models.

The exhibition shows the life of Hitler conspirator Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and his brother and co-conspirator Berthold: from the sheltered youth in the Old Castle, Stuttgart, where they grew up, through careers marked by a sense of duty in the civil service, until the resistance against the Third Reich while risking their own life.

Films, quotes from social media, documents and some of the few preserved original objects from Stauffenberg’s life show the public attention still paid to the Hitler conspirators today.

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